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Once you’ve completed a video, you will have the option to download KBA Form 3 and finalize the accreditation process. You'll need to mail one copy of the form to the Kentucky Bar Association at 514 W. Main St., Frankfort, KY 40601 and we suggest saving one for your records.

Please note that KBA transcripts reflect self-study hours as having occurred on July 1 of the current reporting year. 


Your On Demand Library  

On Demand ETHICS CLE with MESA CLE   

Number Title Credits

A Primer on Veteran Legal Issues: Understanding VA Benefits Available to Veteran Clients This program is geared towards assisting attorneys from all areas of the law in gaining a basic understanding of the VA claims systems.

General (2)

Annual Spring Ethics Program: 2021 Developments in Professional Responsibility Professor Giesel will discuss recent developments in professional responsibility.

Ethics (2)

Appeals: Start to Finish This is a segment from the 2018 Annual Nuts & Bolts of Family Law seminar.

General (0.75)

Better in the Marketplace - Ethical, Cost-Effective and Successful Marketing Grow your marketing skills and avoid the ethical and social landmines. Learn how to effectively, ethically and cheaply market your practice using social media, advertisements, personal communication, and more.

General (1.5)

Better Office Operations: Building a Firm That Can Grow Without Killing the Attorney Learn how to make your office more efficient and whether certain practices are a good fit for you. Topics will include case management software, billing and collections, going paperless, and email management.

General (0.75)

Better on the Books Discover new approaches to your bookkeeping practices that will save you time, increase collections, and improve your profits.

General (0.75)

Better Security for Your Practice - and Your Clients Learn the ten most important steps you must take to preserve your practice and protect your clients in the face of natural, digital and human-caused disasters.

General (1)

Better with Clients, Better with Prospects Learn how to employ communications practices that ensure your clients are pleased with your care and refer their friends and family.

General (0.5)

Better with Your Team The right team increases your efficiency, accuracy and results-and allows you to have a life. Learn how to find, hire, retain and manage a great team (including outsourcing, contracting, and virtual support) so you can build your best firm.

General (0.75)

Born to be Bearded:A Trans Attorney’s Perspective on Anti-Trans Legislation This program will cover social, medical and legal issues that confront transgender people with special emphasis on the recent rash of anti-trans legislation introduced in state legislatures across the country.

General (1)

Collaborative Practice: The Alternate Dispute Resolution of the Decade

Ethics (2)

CRIB NOTES FOR LAWYERS WHO CAN’T SPELL “DNA” (Dependency, Neglect & Abuse) CRIB NOTES FOR LAWYERS WHO CAN’T SPELL “DNA” (Dependency, Neglect & Abuse) is a segment from the two-day seminar: "KY AAML/LBA Family Law Seminar: All in the Family". Speaker: Hon. Lucinda Masterton, Fayette Family Court.

General (1)
CLEVOD 2018Brightwell

Estate Planning is for Everyone: A Primer for Probate & Estate Law During this installment of "LBA Speaks" attorney Bruce Brightwell gives a primer for probate and estate law.

General (1)

Ethical Lesson from “Reel” Life This program is organized from the inception of representation through termination, utilizing a series of hypotheticals. *This is a segment from the two-day AAML-LBA Family Law Seminar "All in the Family".

Ethics (1.75)

Ethics in Crisis Communication Join your peers as we talk through strategic and tactical best practices in managing the coronavirus crisis and future crises to come.

Ethics (2)

Five Ways to a Profitable Practice In this powerful yet practical workshop, you will learn the five simplest ways to grow your practice profitably.

General (0.75)

Friend of the Court vs. Guardian Ad Litem

General (1)

Illumination of Bias Practical Strategies for Recognizing and Reducing Implicit Bias in the Practice of Law (or the Workplace)

General (1.5)

Just Mercy and Access to Justice This lively, interactive virtual webinar will provide practical takeaways and guidance for developing resilience that are applicable for lawyers in all kinds of practice areas and all types of cases.

General (2)

LBA Speaks: Workers' Comp Law 101

General (1)

Marketing Your Practice

General (1)

Mediation Ethics for Lawyers as Advocates and Lawyers as Mediators

Ethics (2)

Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These! Stress, Pressure, & Ethical Decision-Making

Ethics (2)

Passing the Torch...While Its Still Got Heat! How to Start Leveraging Your Legal Experience NOW for Maximum Value for the Days to Come

General (2)

Probate Pointers for Personal Injury Cases and Minor Settlements This joint program of the Probate and Estate and Litigation Sections will address practical pointers for handling settlement of personal injury and wrongful death matters involving deceased individuals or minors. The program speakers will cover all aspect

General (2)

Retirement and Succession Planning for Solos and Small Firms This program will provide you with strategies to build your succession plan, successfully transition clients, and keep your standard of living throughout retirement.

General (0.75)

Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

General (1)  /  Ethics (1)

Strategies for Your Small Business

General (1)

Taking Remote Depositions Taking Remote Depositions

General (0.75)

The Accidental Lawyer: Terms of Engagement How to stay out of trouble when you are out of the office.

Ethics (1.25)

Understanding Parental Alienation, Hostile-Aggressive Parenting, and ... This seminar will focus on the latest trends, treatment, and case law.

General (2)

What Clients Want from Outside Counsel: In Their Own Words Join a panel of in-house counsel who regularly selects and manages outside counsel. Hear in their own words what makes the relationship succeed, or causes it to fail.

General (0.5)  /  Ethics (0.25)