Most law firms are seeking to build a workplace culture that stands out in the field. One that attracts and retains top talent, where lawyers and legal professionals feel valued as humans, supported in their professional challenges, and empowered to excel in their work. The problem is that few, if any, firms know how to create such a culture. A collection of one-off well-being presentations and other supportive offerings, although nice, will ultimately do nothing to change the very culture that is creating the need for such programming. Instead, firms must make upgrades to their existing systems and policies.

During this program, law firm culture expert Jarrett Green will provide 10 tangible, measurable, and realistic actions any law firm can take to infuse well-being, emotional intelligence, and a sense of humanity into core components of the firm's operations, such as recruiting, performance reviews, partner communications, leadership assessments, the billable hour, and several other operational facets. Incorporating even a handful of these suggestions will lead to meaningful improvements to the firm's culture and to a "win-win" result for the employee experience and the firm's bottom line.

Attendees will learn how to:

• Equip and inspire law firm leaders to make meaningful changes to their law firm culture.
• Provide a collection of tangible and measurable action items that will infuse well-being, emotional intelligence, and a sense of humanity into the firm's culture.
• Demonstrate that systematic and structural change is not some theoretical fantasy, but rather an achievable outcome from a set of realistic organizational modifications.
• Assist firms in winning the recruiting and retention battle with their competitors.

Speaker Jarrett Green, Esq. M.A Psychology




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