We are currently seeking volunteers to take on section leadership roles for 2021! Click HERE for overview of section chair responsibilities. 

If interested, please contact Lisa Anspach at lanspach@loubar.org or (502) 583-5314.


LBA sections are specialty groups whose focus encompasses a broad range of areas of specialist legal practices, as well as practice management. Their objectives are to contribute to the development of the legal profession, maintain high standards in the legal profession and offer assistance in the development of legal and management expertise in its members through training, conferences, publications, meetings and other activities.

Section membership provides opportunities to discuss topics of interest on specific areas of law or business – allowing for more in-depth examination of issues, regulations and national trends. Active involvement in any section will garner opportunities to stay on the leading edge of the legal profession.

We invite all LBA members to attend two section meetings of your choice as a guest prior to registering as a section member. You may also join more than one section. Membership is $15 per section per calendar year (January 1 - December 31). As a section member, you will receive all CLE and section news and notifications throughout the year regarding each section for which you are registered.

Select from the sections below for more details on each, including how to join, related news and resources, and event announcements:





Corporate Law

Criminal Law

Environmental Law

Family Law

Health Law

Human Rights Law

In-House Counsel

Intellectual Property

Labor &  Employment


Probate & Estate

Public Interest Law

Real Estate

Social Security

Solo & Small Practice


Young Lawyers