Being an LBA member has tremendous benefits. The continuing education courses are excellent and cover a wide array of practice areas. Additionally, the LBA Leadership Academy encourages young lawyers to become active in the local community. Its biggest benefit, however, is fostering collegiality and professionalism amongst its members. I can personally attest those relationships have helped my practice, and will continue to do so in the future.  


Seth A. Gladstein, Attorney at Law


Thank you for your commitment to the Louisville Bar Association. Whether you are a returning member or new to our organization, we are grateful for the support and encouragement you bring to the outstanding professionals who make up the Louisville Bar Association.

Our membership matters. Together, we are the collective voice and strength of Louisville’s legal community. We are working to ensure the future of the profession, educate the public and advocate for legal rights that work.

The LBA's comprehensive benefits and services provide members with the tools they need to improve their management skills; network with peers; become involved with local, national and international business communities; advance their careers; and help their businesses succeed.


If you have questions about becoming an LBA member, please contact the Membership Department at or (502) 583-5314.


Learn about ways to get more involved in the LBA through association resources, initiatives and by meeting other members.

I've always considered my Louisville Bar Association membership a great investment. It's not just the opportunities to connect and learn - or how the LBA has allowed my voice to be heard - but it's the little things too, like being an LBA ambassador. With the LBA, we can make a difference for each other.

Peter Wayne, Wyatt Tarrant & Combs

Careers:  Members find new career connections and excellent resources for professional recognition and advancement through the LBA.  Find yours today.

Causes:  Learn how you can make a difference in and around Kentuckiana through public service and pro bono opportunities.

Continuing Legal Education:  Get the CLE resources you need and make the professional connections you want through in-person continuing education – at a discount for members. Online CLE coming soon.

Sections & Committees: Find the sections and committees that work on issues that interest you professionally and personally to make new connections for your work and your library.

Networking Opportunities:  Learn about upcoming conferences, meetings, seminars and symposia. Members find excellent resources and make professional connections that last a lifetime.

LBA membership is open to individuals and businesses interested in working together to ensure a stable future of the legal profession.

Three easy ways to join

Fee and Payment Schedule

Attorney members shall pay dues calculated from the first year they are admitted to a state bar and according to the following scale:

Years of Practice Resident Member  
Year of Admission* $free  
2-5 years $125  
6-9 years $175  
10-14 years $200  
15-19 years $225  
20+ years $250  
Seventh Year $185  
Eighth Year  $190  
Ninth Year $195  
Tenth+ Year $200  
Gov’t/Public Service Attrny
Year of Admission* $free
2nd year $60
3rd year $70
4th year $85
5th year $105
6+ years $125
Non-Resident Member $100
Inactive Member $100
Judicial Member $125
Counselor Emeritus $free
Law Student $25
Allied Professional $185
Legal Support Associate $85
Subscriber $100

The Louisville Bar Association is a voluntary member organization of legal professionals, trustees, law students and professors dedicated to promoting the mission of the LBA.

The LBA is active nationally in a number of places, particularly the American Bar Association. The level, amount and nature of involvement of any individual members is up to that person. The LBA does not have a ‘litmus test’ for membership. We solicit active and engaged discussion among the membership before making any public statements or taking action on their behalf.

Through initiatives such as Law Day in School, Call-A-Lawyer, the Domestic Violence Advocacy Program, SOLACE, and the annual Judicial Evaluation, the LBA works to bring our mission to life.

The LBA works for its members by offering conferences, continuing legal education, and employment services. Scholarships are offered through the LBA to students. Numerous grants and awards are available to individuals and organizations through the Louisville Bar Association and Foundation to further their professional development and recognize their accomplishments in the community.

The Louisville Bar Association is a community of members dedicated to helping others connect with the resources they need to build legal resources and services in their communities and to succeed in their respective careers.

Through professional development opportunities, in-person and online networking, and a host of initiatives for all types of legal professionals, the LBA provides our members with the tools and support they need.

The LBA works hard to show the public the value of the profession through media and outreach programs, demonstrating how attorneys contribute to building communities and how our members are key to successful learning outcomes. By propagating nationally recognized standards, the LBA helps your practice be a model for services and outcomes.

It is easy to see why thousands of legal professionals, support staff, trustees, friends, retirees, and vendors support the LBA through membership.

D. Scott Furkin, Executive Director Emeritus, Louisville Bar Association

The LBA sponsors the best in professional continuing education at conferences and online, world class publishing programs, and 19 practice sections where your work can be recognized and your contributions count.

Find out more about all of these initiatives, and get to know some of our members. Then, make the best decision of your professional career – the decision to be a member of the Louisville Bar Association.