This seminar delves into the crucial topic of student speech and the rights of young activists and journalists. Presented by esteemed legal experts, Josh Moore from the Student Press Law Center and Frank LoMonte from CNN, this event will provide valuable insights into the complex landscape of student rights under the First Amendment. In this seminar, Josh Moore will shed light on how the First Amendment directly applies to and governs in-person conduct for K-12 students. With his extensive background in journalism and law, he will share his expertise on the constitutional rights of student journalists and the legal implications surrounding their work. Frank LoMonte, renowned in the field of media and First Amendment law, will explore the legality of aggressive school regulation of online speech by K-12 students. Drawing on his vast experience as CNN's in-house legal counsel, LoMonte will analyze the rights of student activists in the digital sphere and provide valuable insights into landmark cases and recent Supreme Court decisions. Additionally, the seminar will cover critical topics such as the constitutionality of KRS 158 (SB 150) and its impact on student speech, defining student speech and conduct under the First Amendment, and the legality of both in-person and online speech for K-12 students. Participants will also gain knowledge about state bans on student speech and the elements of a lawsuit based on First Amendment violations. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal rights of student activists and journalists. Whether you're an attorney, educator, journalist, or simply interested in human rights, this seminar will equip you with valuable insights to navigate the complexities of student speech and ensure the protection of these fundamental rights. Speakers include Frank D. LoMonte, CNN and Josh Moore, Student Press Law Center

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