Client + Social Media = Danger: How to Advise Clients, Manage Judicial Holds, & Discovery with Social Media

This course outlines how to properly advise your clients about the risks and liabilities when they use social media networks. We will also discuss using social media as evidence and understanding judicial holds. To date over 20 states have adopted a version of the ABA Model Rule 1.1: Competence comment [8] that includes the term “relevant technology.” Based on recent ethics opinions, it is clear that lawyers are required to understand the basics of how social media platforms functions. If you want to effectively advise your clients on the impact of their behavior, you need to have a clear understanding of how social media platforms work. Also, if you are going to trial, you may need to be able to communicate about various social platforms.

Speaker Jamie Kohls, GNGF




  • Ethics (1.5)
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