Practicing anywhere at any time is no longer just a dream for lawyers-it’s a reality. However, that reality also comes with responsibility and risks! Under Model Rule 1.6 lawyers must take reasonable precautions to protect client info and data that is in their custody! In this seminar, we will discuss the ethical and malpractice pitfalls of mobile, cloud, and general everyday law office computing. We will learn about Cloud options and address how to safely store documents, data, and programs in the cloud and on mobile devices. Learn what programs and features you should and must use with Cloud storage options like Dropbox, Box & OneDrive. We will also discuss security vulnerabilities related to documents, emails, and metadata associated with those files. We will also discuss how to properly delete client data, assign passwords, and dispose of computer equipment while protecting client privacy. Finally, we will discuss the essential elements of your firm’s cybersecurity plan.

Topics include: 

  • Why Lawyers are Targets, New Rules Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Computing

  • Firm Security

  • Proper Redaction 

  • Email Encryption 

  • Lawyer’s Duty to Disclose Data Breaches

  • Lawyer’s Duty to Properly Scrub/Dispose of Computers

  • Lawyer’s Duty to Properly Scrub / Dispose of Computers

  • Password Management & Two Factor Authentication

  • Elements of your Firm’s Cybersecurity Plan

Solo & Small Practice



  • Ethics (3)
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