When federal and interstate laws and regulations governing firearms and marijuana conflict, it’s vital to understand the impact on your case whether defense counsel or prosecution in the Commonwealth, and how the laws may affect those who use marijuana medically, immigrant or minority populations, and those with protective orders.

This event will delve into the complexities faced by lawyers when a defendant is charged in state court, potentially implicating federal law, including immigration or the laws of another state. Speakers will explore the potentially complex scenarios that arise when dealing with defendants charged in Kentucky for purchase or use that is legal elsewhere and possession and seizure of firearms at service and beyond in domestic violence cases, among other situations. To navigate this modern legal terrain, it is crucial to know not only the applicable state law and Rules of the Commonwealth but also have a working knowledge of relevant federal law and the ever-shifting landscape governing firearm possession and seizure and/or marijuana possession and use.

Speakers include Kevin M. Glogower, Glogower Law Office, Ebert E. Haegle, Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, Jason Moore, Office of the Commonwealth Attorney, Nima Kulkarni, KY House of Representatives, and A. Holland Houston, Family Law & Mediation.

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