A Kentuckian dies by firearm suicide every 17 hours -- and more than 65% of suicide deaths in Kentucky involve a firearm. That's why the local Whitney/Strong Organization has launched a recent effort geared toward preventing suicides and protecting Kentuckians who are undergoing a mental health crisis. Their Crisis Aversion and Rights Retention (CARR) bill is bipartisan legislation that allows for the temporary transfer of firearms from an individual in crisis to a trusted person outside the household. A temporary transfer can only occur after an individual is found to be an immediate threat to self or fellow Kentuckians by the judicial system. But how does it work? Who can request a transfer, what is law enforcement's role in the process and how could it potentially affect our local courts?

Learn more about the CARR legislation from a panel of experts, including Kentucky State Senator Morgan McGarvey, District Court Judge Stephanie Pearce Burke, Eric Russ, PhD, Executive Director of the Kentucky Psychological Association, and Whitney Austin, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Whitney/Strong Organization




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