Advancing an interdisciplinary approach to critique the law and its role in preserving and maintaining structural inequality, CRT focuses on analyzing several recurrent themes in the law: (i) interest convergence (the concept that any “progress” on racial issues is purely the product of whether it contributes to the status quo of inequality); (ii) revisionist history (a critique of how history has been de-contextualized to advance a distorted historical narrative of America’s racial progress); (iii) colorblindness and post-racialism (a critique of “neutrality” and the role it plays in the maintenance of systemic subordination of people of color); and (iv) structural determinism (the proposition that racism is structural and adaptable so that societal change is incremental and limited).   Speaker: Professor Cedric Merlin Powell, Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs Professor of Law Distinguished Teaching Professor University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law

PLEASE NOTE: there were technical difficulties resulting in losing the video portion of Professor Powell's presentation and it switches to audio-only. 

Human Rights



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