The purpose of the Corporate Law Section is to promote the objects of the Association within the field of corporate law. To that end, the purposes of this Section are to: (1) to concern itself with all legal issues relating to the operation, financing, acquisition and divesture of business entities; (2) to study, report upon and recommend improvements to legislation, whether Federal or State, pertaining to the Section's concerns; (3) to bring together members of the Association interested in corporate law to confer upon the various problems incurred in these areas; and (4) to promote the legal education of members of the Association and the public by sponsoring meeting and seminars and by preparing and publishing articles concerning business law.


Tara McGuire, Esq., CIPP/US
Tara McGuire, Esq., CIPP/US Section Chair
Kellie Renee Davis Beckman
Kellie Renee Davis Beckman Vice Chair