The human rights section seeks to educate the Bench and Bar on topics that are not only timely, but are also the basis of new law and policy forming around them to keep up with the ever increasing pace of the global village in which we find ourselves working and living to a greater degree every day.

The section will feature speakers with expertise in one of the specialties the section encompasses: human trafficking, immigration, civil rights and immigration law. It seeks to expand the vision and reach of the LBA, too, to a national and international audience, from which we can draw to provide excellent legal advice to clients who find themselves in modern civil rights actions such as LGBT and pay equity cases, as well as solutions to legal difficulties that arise for nonresident and undocumented families hailed into both civil and criminal courts here.

Founded in 2013, our first seminar focused on the newest and one of the toughest human trafficking laws in the state, House Bill 3, and its federal counterpart, as well as basic immigration law, international rule of law and the role of neutrality played by the Red Cross. Why anti discrimination laws are still necessary was one of the subjects of the second seminar along with a presentation by one of the Plaintiffs’ attorneys in Love v. Beshear (same sex right to marry) and Bourke et al v. Beshear (action to legalize out of state same sex marriage) and a presentation on international right to counsel in a criminal case.

We invite you to join us as we bring a piece of the world around us to the city and truly broaden our horizons.
Tommy Clines
J. Gregory Cornett Section Chair
Tommy Clines
Position Available Vice Chair