Oh no! It changed? Maneuvering and Understanding the Changes to the Federal Tax Reform and Kentucky's Tax Law They say life is difficult; so is federal tax reform and sales tax.
Dealing with taxes is hard enough on its own but what do the new changes really mean for your clients? Dean Dorton tax advisors will delve into the changes that affect you and your clients most including ling issues, payments to former spouses (in the case of divorce), individual related items, and estate, gift, and trust changes among other pieces of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
In addition, businesses struggle to make their way through the maze of sales and use tax laws whether they are only doing business in Kentucky or in multiple states. The changes to Kentucky's sales and use tax laws enacted earlier this year are numerous and include fundamental questions such as: (1) who must collect and remit tax, and (2) what is subject to tax. Essential to properly complying with the changes while minimizing expenses and exposure is understanding the changes.

Speakers: Dean Dorton Representatives: Faith Crump, Missy DeArk, and Maddie Schueler




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