The Jefferson Courtroom Upgrade Project (“JCUP”) has improved the presentation technology in eight of the Jefferson Circuit Court rooms to feature an all-digital, multi-input, triple screen output audio/visual system.  This state-of-the-art system features two projection screens with high-definition projectors and 55” LCD monitors, which enable trial counsel to display three (3) different images simultaneously.  Using a touch panel that displays the courtroom floor plan, a trial lawyer or support staff may route their source digital content by navigating through a series of icons representing the available counsel tables, source inputs, monitors and projection screens.

Although these systems are user friendly, Jefferson Circuit Court requires lawyers/support staff to undergo training in order to utilize these systems.

Additionally, JCUP’s integration partner, Trinity is available to hire for on-site technical support during trial proceedings through the JCUP Concierge Services Program.  This program provides on-site technical support from a certified audio/visual specialist with specific training on the JCUP digital courtroom system.

If possible, training/support services should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability.  It should be noted that training provided by Trinity is not in lieu of or take the place of the basic training required by JCUP to obtain a PIN and use the JCUP AV System.


Service Cost
Daily Support (8 hours)* $600 per day
Trial or Training Support (3 hour min.)* $90 per hour
Trial, Training or Technical Support (3 hour min.)** $125 per hour
*Two-weeks notice    **Less than two-weeks notice  



To take advantage of the training and support offered through the JCUP Concierge Services Program, contact Trinity at:


Tim Barrett, Customer Relationship Manager
Cell - (202) 374-2023
Office - (502) 753-8470


(800) 261-9008