Tuesday, April 6, 2021

12:00 PM-1:00 PM

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April 5, 2021 11:00 PM

Please email lanspach@loubar.org to be added to the wait list for possible future programs. 

This is an LBA Member-Only event. 

Presented by the LBA's newly formed Health & Wellness Committee.

Learn how to deal with situational stress from desk to courtroom to home, focusing on self-awareness and redirection. Paula Kommor, Chief Energizing Officer of Dynamic Wellness, will provide Koru Mindfulness in four consecutive 60-minute virtual sessions hosted on the LBA’s Zoom  platform.

Session dates are at noon on:

  • April 6
  • April 13
  • April 20
  • April 27

Class size is limited to 10 participants and ideally each particpant should attend all four sessions. 

What is KORU?

  • Evidence-based curriculum designed for teaching mindfulness, meditation, and stress management
  • A spiral shape based on an unfurling fern found in Maori art, where it symbolizes a new life, growth, strength, and peace.

Research–Backed Benefits:

  • Grows compassion, self-awareness, and perspective. 
  • Increases regulation of emotions.
  • Reduces stress, worry and fear (the amygdala shrinks).
  • Improves working memory capacity – memory part of brain grows.
  • Enhances ability to pay attention.
  • Improves executive decision making due to increase in grey matter in meditators (as seen on MRIs).
  • Increases quality of life.
  • Rivals antidepressants in easing symptoms of depression.
  • Prevents drug and alcohol relapse.

KORU Key Factors:

  • Taught in small diverse groups – no more than 12 participants.
  • Requires commitment to attendance.
  • Focused and brief.
  • Develops self-calming skills.

Initial KORU Offering (four 60-minute classes include): 

  • Short opening meditation
  • Check-in
  • Mind-body skill
  • Mindfulness meditation practice

With questions, contact Lisa Anspach at LAnspach@loubar.org