Tuesday, June 15, 2021

9:00 AM-12:15 PM

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June 14, 2021 11:00 PM

The benefits of improved memory are endless!

  • Save time in court preparation.
  • Make polished presentations to jurors and judges without notes.
  • Become a better listener in the courtroom.
  • Cross-examine with confidence - no more missed opportunities because your memory failed you.
  • Remember names of jurors in trials and clients in other professional settings.
  • Develop better concentration.
  • Reduce stress, worry less about forgetting to make a crucial point.

Join nationally recognized memory training consultant Paul Mellor for a session that will improve the way your mind retains facts.  Learn techniques to improve your memory and learn how to apply these techniques to your everyday practice.  Mellor’s objective is to show you how a trained memory can increase your efficiency and productivity in all aspects of law.  He will shred the myth that memory cannot be enhanced and help you lay a foundation for total recall.

Invest in a better memory.  You have invested years in becoming an attorney and you invest months preparing a case.  Invest one afternoon to strengthen your mind and achieve these goals:

  • Think quickly and clearly without fumbling for notes.
  • Remember important information about a jury and use it to win cases.
  • Effectively recall facts and figures from research and interview to argue cases in court.

As attorneys we seldom leave home without our computers and iPhone.  They are convenient, affordable, and most of all, come with a lot of memory.  Unfortunately, one of the most powerful memory tools we own is seldom plugged in and often fails us.  Brain freeze? Memory lapse?  Senior moments?  Whatever you want to call it, thousands of attorneys have experienced it.  The good news?  You can do something about it.

Would you like to have more time, less stress, and better concentration? If so, sign up today … before you forget.



Your registration includes the book, Memory Skills for Lawyers


Improving memory, as some would say, is a lot like the weather; it’s something we talk about but can’t change. Until now. We may not be able to change the forecast, but national speaker and author Paul Mellor will dispel the myth that memory cannot be improved. It can. In its simplest form, Mellor will illustrate why we are able to recall certain events, and why we can’t. Using principals of association and mental anchors, attendees will learn skills on how to retain information quickly and accurately.

As attorneys, a strong memory is an advantage in winning cases. This program gives step-by-step instructions on how to master your mind enabling you to recall case law, speak in court without notes, and how to get through the day without the fear of forgetting.

The program is interactive and stress-free, as Mellor weaves real-life examples on how to retain information, whether it is recalling lists, tasks, or names and faces. When you are skilled in memory, all your other skills improve. Sign up for this all-important program … but please, do it now before you forget.


09:00 AM       Deposition Demonstration
Introduction with demonstration displays the lightning speed of a trained memory.  You will see the ease of remembering information from a deposition.  Emphasis is placed on why we forget and how we remember.

09:30 AM       How to Speak Without Notes to Jurors
Discover secrets on presenting a case without notes.  Learn step-by-step techniques on how to draft your remarks, prepare your mind, and deliver a powerful presentation.  To keep the jury in the palm of your hand, you’ll have to let go of your notes.

10:15 AM     Cross Examination with Confidence
Using the two-step formula in recall, you will acquire the skill in remembering to ask key questions during cross examination.  Use of examples and illustrations help reinforce the proficiency when dealing with those on the witness stand.

10:35 AM      Break

10:50 AM      Remember Names and Faces of Jurors in Trial, Clients in the Presentations, and in Other Professional Settings
You will learn the NAMES Formula to quickly remember a name.  Attention is placed on concentration techniques and focusing on recalling the name correctly.  You will learn how to remember first names, last names, and groups of people.

 12:15 PM      Adjourn





Speaker: Paul Mellor, Success Links

This is a LIVE program and any post-event recordings will be subject to the On-Demand fee(s).
Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be received by the LBA 72 hours in advance to receive a credit or refund. Substitutes will be allowed.

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