The LBA Leadership Academy was a great experience that I highly recommend to any lawyer.  The presenters at each session were very engaging, and helped me gain a better understanding of effective communication and leadership.  Perhaps the most informative session involved the Retreat where we reviewed learning styles, and identified methods of communicating to each learning style.  This session will be particularly helpful moving forward as I communicate with clients, judges, juries and co-workers because I have a better understanding of not only how others learn concepts, but also a better understanding of how I can improve my communication of concepts.  Additionally, the opportunity to meet and work with other young lawyers in different fields of practice as co-participants in the Leadership Academy was a great experience.  Each of the fellow participants brought a unique outlook to each session, and friendships were formed that will be maintained moving forward. -- Jennifer M. Barbour, Middleton Reutlinger, Leadership Academy Class of 2015-16


Application Deadline: May 31, 2019

Why be a part of the Leadership Academy? CLICK HERE to read our June 2016 President's Page for a personal account from a graduate of the 2015-16 class, Devin N.R. Oser.

The LBA Leadership Academy began in 2006 and has since graduated 11 classes. In 2016 we inducted 17 practitioners for a total of 199 since the inception. The primary goal of the Academy is to build a core of practicing attorneys in Greater Louisville that will lead the legal community ethically, professionally and charitably—with high regard for service to our city and our region. The Leadership Academy, which is designed for attorneys between their third and 10th years of practice, accomplishes the following:

  • Provides an opportunity to meet and discuss important business and professional issues with leaders at the local, state and national level;
  • Helps refine leadership skills, enabling you to excel in your practice setting as well as in your community service roles; and,
  • Invites you to examine important issues in every lawyer’s professional life—ethics, justice, morality, service, professionalism, economics and quality of work.

The Leadership Academy begins with an orientation, at which time participants will get an overview of the LBA, the program, and meet local non-profit organizations. 

Following the orientation the initial session will be a retreat, “Leadership for Lawyers”, at which time participants will get to know themselves and one another. Following there will be four additional monthly sessions that will cover various leadership concepts. The Academy concludes with a graduation ceremony and induction as an Academy Partner.

The monthly sessions are held at various locations around the city to acquaint participants with the services and programs offered by community organizations. Representatives of these organizations are invited to make a brief presentation and give tours of the facility.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Enhancing Your Leadership Skills;
  • Leadership Through Service;
  • Ethics, Justice and Values: A Look Into Bad Leadership;
  • Leadership Sustainability, and A Lawyers Responsibility.

Speakers vary between national-level speakers and trusted, local speakers who are experts in their field. Speakers have included: Kathy Story, Sean Carter, Paul Mellor, and more! 

Tuition is $1200 and includes:

  • At least 12.0 hours (all of the yearly requirements for KY) CLE credits, including ethics hours (pending KBA accreditation);
  • National and local speakers;
  • Course materials;
  • Meals (breakfast & lunch);
  • and, opportunities to network with colleagues speakers and local organizations.

Tuition for accepted candidates will be due by June 1, 2019; payment plans are available. A limited number of scholarships are available. 

To apply, contact CLE Director Lisa Anspach at or CLICK HERE to download the application.