Kristen Miller Executive Director 

Implements LBA programs & policies; employs & oversees staff; develops strategic plan; provides budgetary oversight; serves as liaison to the LBA Board of Directors, other bar associations & the legal community.

E: P: (502) 583-5314 x 126


D. Scott Furkin Executive Director Emeritus

Facilitates transitional matter between his position and the oncoming executive director.

E: P: (502) 583-5314 

Lisa Anspach Continuing Legal Education Director

Oversees planning, accreditation, marketing & programming of CLE seminars and LBA section meetings; including managing AV equipment for CLE On Demand catalog. Plans & manages the Leadership Academy. Serves as staff liaison for CLE Committee, Leadership Academy committee/alumni/participants, collaborative organizations and companies, and the LBA Gender Equality Committee.

E: P: (502) 583-5314 x 108

Jeff Been Louisville Bar Foundation Executive Director

Implements Louisville Bar Foundation programs and policies; employs and oversees staff; develops strategic plan; serves as liaison to other bar associations and community. P: (502) 292-6734

Sonja Brent Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Meets & greets visitors; manages switchboard; coordinates reservations for Bar Center use; oversees operations for the Attorneys’ Room including processing access cards; assists Executive Director; supports Placement Service Director & assists other departments & programs as necessary.

E: P: (502) 583-5314 x 100

Debby Dye Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service Director

Oversees Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service, including attorney membership, staff supervision, referral calls, and marketing. Serves as a facilitator between potential clients and attorneys; matches client requests with enrolled attorneys; and maintains database. Serves as staff liaison for KLRS Committee.

E: P: (502) 583-5314 x 104

Shannon Greer Communications and Marketing Specialist

Oversees association communications, including Bar BriefseBrief, media/public relations, website content, social media, Judicial Poll, and Pictorial Roster advertising; serves as staff liaison for Communications Committee.

E: P: (502) 583-5314 x 107

John Hardin Chief Financial Officer

Maintains accounting records; prepares financial statements, budgets & dues invoices; processes deposits & payments; manages computer system; directs financial development progress.

E: P: (502) 583-5314 x 101

Kimberly Kasey Graphic Designer

In-house graphic designer; works on LBA communications, including Bar Briefs, Pictorial Roster and other projects; handles classified ads and display advertising for Bar Briefs; assists other departments as necessary.

E: (502) 583-5314 x 106

David Mohr Placement Services Director

Manages the Placement Services Division, whereby he pre-screen's applicants and matches them to the staffing needs of the member firms; acts as a liaison between the area's college legal programs and the support staff needs of the legal community.

E: P: (502) 583-5314 x 105

Marisa Motley Membership Services Director

Manages membership recruitment and retention; manages membership records and database; records dues payments; directs membership benefit provider program and develops sponsorship packages; serves as staff liaison for Member Services Committee.

E: P: (502) 583-5314 x 124

Jenny Penner Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service Assistant

Serves as a facilitator between potential clients and attorneys; matches client requests with enrolled attorneys and maintains database.

E: (502) 583-5314 x 111