Message from the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections:

Effective Monday, September 21, 2015, the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections will no longer allow attorneys, paralegals, law clerks, investigators or their agents, or any court staff to possess cell phones/smart phones within the secure perimeters of any of our facilities, including the on-site courtroom and all attorney booths.

The challenges associated with cell phones in secure facilities are well chronicled. Possession of a cell phone is addressed in KRS 520.010(3), and cell phone possession is probibited by Metro Corrections Policy (01-3.02, effective 4/11/2014).

All attorneys, paralegals, law clerks investigators or their agents and court staff are encouraged to leave your cell phone in your car or office before departing for Metro Corrections. However, there are lockers when you come into the entrance of the main jail complex that are available for all of our colleagues to use to secure phones and other personal property. Keys for the lockers are available at Metro Corrections front desk.