Effective January 1, 2015, the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk (OCCC) will no longer accept personal checks from the general public. The OCCC studied the issue and concluded, as many businesses and agencies have, that the time and money to process checks with insufficient funds was becoming increasingly burdensome.

The Kentucky Court of Justice (KCOJ) does not allow the OCCC to collect a “bad check” fee.

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, bank certified checks, cashier’s checks, credit and debit cards, money orders and attorney escrow checks.

Checks from attorneys that include the firm’s name or the phrases “Attorney at Law” or “Esquire” printed on them will continue to be accepted.

Note: Bail bonds may not be paid with attorney escrow checks or money orders, per the KCOJ’s Accounting Manual, which is a Kentucky Supreme Court order.