Jefferson County Probate Court will be implementing “Rapid Appointment Docket” sessions beginning Wednesday, July 10 at 9:00 AM in Hall of Justice Room 305, and occurring every Wednesday thereafter. Please see the attached materials regarding eligibility for the Rapid Appointment Docket and application instructions.

Please read the “Rapid Appointment Docket Procedures” carefully, as the Court will be enforcing strict compliance – if a required filing is not timely submitted to the Clerk, the Petitioner will be removed from their Rapid Appointment Docket hearing.

The “Rapid Appointment Docket Affidavit Checklist” must be initialed and filed by each Petitioner seeking a Rapid Appointment Docket hearing. Please also enter your request for a Rapid Appointment Docket hearing in the “Notes for Clerk” section of your CourtNet e-filing.

Should you have any questions regarding the Rapid Appointment Docket procedure, please e-mail the LBA Section Leaders Matthew Burnett or Monica Davidson.