Jefferson County

Special Bailiff Procedures



Effective June 1, 2024, affidavits requesting appointment of a Special Bailiff shall be filed electronically.


When service of process cannot be accomplished using the Sheriff’s department or other special circumstance require, parties may request the appointment of a special bailiff to serve process.


Steps to E-file Requests for Appointment of Special Bailiff

  1. Alias Summons to be utilized by the special bailiff should be requested through the eQueue and returned to filer.
  2. Parties should then electronically file the motion/affidavit stating that they have complied with JDR 313, JRP 1412, or have exhausted other means of service, and provide the court with the following motion, exhibits/attachments;
    • Motion/Affidavit requesting Special Bailiff.
    • Tendered Order with name of Special Bailiff listed.  The order must specify the name of a Jefferson County Approved Special Bailiff. 
    • Exhibit showing alias summons has been issued and ready for service.
    • Exhibit of the complaint or amended complaint/third party complaint/documents to be served.

The signed/entered order will be distributed back to the parties electronically, along with any filed attachments.   Counsel can then make arrangements with their special bailiff to either pick-up the packet for service, or forward to their special bailiff electronically.


The list of approved Special Bailiffs can be found at


General Order: Bailiff General Order