LBA sections offer our members quality professional development opportunities through training, conferences, publications and meetings. Each section's goal is to enhance your practice and foster your legal and management skills.

There are many benefits of joining an LBA section, and the cost is minimal — for just $15 per section, you can gain access to specialized CLE programs, section news, networking within your discipline and resources that contribute to your professional growth.

We're currently looking for leaders to serve as section chairs in 2024. Invest in yourself and your local legal community by signing up to lead or join one or more LBA sections.

Leadership opportunities for 2024:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Environmental
  • In-House Counsel
  • Solo & Small Practice

Please join me in welcoming (and thanking) the section leadership for 2024!

  • Corporate Law: Ryan G. Stevens (Chair)
  • Family Law: Melina Hettiaratchi (Chair)
  • Federal Practice: Jessica R.C. Malloy (Chair) and Zachary M. VanVactor (Vice Chair)
  • Human Rights Law: A. Holland Houston (Chair) and Lucas Taylor (Vice Chair)
  • Labor & Employment Law: Rudy J. Ellis (Chair) and Marianna Melendez (Vice Chair)
  • Litigation: Michelle C. Fox (Chair) and Keanna Cohen (Vice Chair)
  • Probate & Estate Law: Matthew H. Burnett (Chair)
  • Real Estate Law: Abigail Fargen Riley (Chair) and Ashey K. Russell (Vice Chair)
  • Tort & Insurance Law Practice: Brian R. Dettman (Chair)
  • Young Lawyers: Al’Lisha Hanserd (Chair), Jenny Beth (Co-Vice Chair) and Jackson Rice (Co-Vice Chair)