We’re celebrating Member November here at the Louisville Bar Association this month, and our team is excited to show our appreciation for the people who help the LBA work toward achieving our mission each day — you, our members.

Without you, we wouldn’t be able to continue our work to grow and build our legal community. Without you, we couldn’t provide our larger community with access to important legal resources. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to shine a spotlight on the many ways our local legal professionals use their skills and knowledge to help others.

In short, without you, there is no we.

Keep an eye out for events, giveaways and member spotlights throughout the month of November. Here’s a little bit more about what we have in the works:

  • This year, we’re changing up our Annual Awards Luncheon a bit and expanding it to a Member Appreciation and Awards event. Not only will we be honoring our worthy award winners, but we’ll also be thanking our hard-working Section and Committee Chairs and celebrating years of practice anniversaries. So be sure to RSVP early and secure your seat for one of our best events of the year.
  • Thanks to the generosity of several local businesses and our team of LBA partners, we have several giveaways planned for the month of November. Look for them on our social media pages (@louisville_bar_association and @lbaexdir on Instagram and Facebook) over the next few weeks — and good luck!
  • We are making some changes to our dues renewal process. First of all, we’ll be kicking it off a little earlier this year, moving it back to the beginning of November instead of letting it get lost in the holiday shuffle. We don’t want to add one more thing for you to think about at a busy time of the year! This way, you can cross your renewal off the list early and spend your mental energy elsewhere as we begin to wrap up 2022. We’re also streamlining our dues structure. Gone are the days of increasing costs with each and every year of practice. Instead, we’ve established just a handful of dues categories – this way, your dues stay steady for a number of years, and we can still keep things affordable for the newest attorneys who are the future of our legal community.
  • We will wrap up Member November with a community-wide Judicial Reception we’re hosting in partnership with our local judiciary, the Kentucky Justice Association and Kentucky Defense Counsel at the Kentucky Science Center on December 1st. Join us as we thank those judges who will be leaving the bench in 2022 and welcome the new judges who will be elected this month. More details will be forthcoming.

Happy Member November, everyone!
Kristen Miller, Executive Director