It can be difficult to juggle work, home and family responsibilities, and we can’t plan when personal and family problems emerge. When issues pop up in our lives, it can be unclear and difficult to know where and who to turn to. Is the time coming to plan care for your elderly parent? Is your child getting bullied at school? Are you overwhelmed with the feeling of burnout, stress or anxiety? The LBA and its Health & Wellness Committee are announcing a program to help our members safely and confidentially find help for themselves and their household members.

What is an EAP?

An EAP is an employee benefit program that helps your employees (and members of their households) better deal with personal issues that may affect their health, well-being and work performance. EAP services typically include short-term counseling for personal and family problems, along with a variety of wellness resources and referrals covering a broad range of topics.

What is the new LBA EAP Member Benefit?

The LBA has partnered with Wayne Corporation, a local firm specializing in personalized counseling, to offer our members an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This service provides professional help to employees and their household members who are having personal issues. These issues cover topics including:

Drug/Alcohol Abuse                       Legal & Financial Issues                 Stress & Anxiety

                       Marital  /Relationship                     Parent/Child Conflict                     Compassion Fatigue

                       Family Issues                                    Elder/Childcare                                Resiliency

                       Burnout                                             Emotional Stress                             Depression

                       Personal Grief or Loss                    Retirement Issues

                       Work-Life Balance                          Anger Management

All counselors are licensed mental health professionals.

Want to learn more? Join us at the Bar Center on August 18 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. as the LBA hosts its monthly Office Hours along with Wayne Corp representative Derek Wilhelmus to answer all your questions.   

Who Can Participate in the LBA EAP?

Any LBA member who has employees may participate in the EAP member benefit – from the solo practitioner who is his or her own “employee,” to the small firm with a few attorneys, paralegals and administrative personnel, to the large firm with hundreds of people on staff.

How Do I Participate?

Beginning on Monday, August 1, LBA members can contact Derek Wilhelmus at Wayne Corporation (by phone at 502-451-8262 or email at to enroll their organization in the EAP member benefit. Employers must initiate the plan on behalf of their employees; individual employees may only utilize EAP services if their employer has enrolled their organization in the program.

How Much Will It Cost?

The LBA has negotiated a special rate for our members with Wayne Corporation, and the more members who participate in the plan, the lower the costs for everyone. But regardless of how many members enroll, employers are guaranteed to pay no more than about $25 per year, per employee  – and likely much less!

Is this Confidential?

The right to privacy is one of the most crucial aspects of this program. All services are completely confidential, and Wayne Corporation will not share any information without the client’s written permission to the extent permissible by law.

Included in the EAP:

Legal Services

Employees have access to one sixty-minute telephonic or face-to-face consultation per separate legal matter at no cost with a network attorney. If you decide to retain the attorney after the initial consultation, you will receive a 25% (35% for family law) discount from the normal rate. Estate planning discounted flat-fee services available.

Financial Services

Employees receive no-cost telephonic consultation with staff model financial counselors. Consultations are generally limited from thirty to sixty minutes in length per issue.   

Eldercare Telephonic Case Management and Referral

Employees will receive telephonic consultation and guidance in dealing with elder care issues.  A Geriatric Case Manager will evaluate the situation, develop a case plan, educate families about their options and suggest services that address their particular needs.

Childcare Resources

Employees will receive telephonic consultation and guidance in dealing with childcare issues.  Counselors will help individuals evaluate suitable providers and resources.

Work-Life Website

Employees have access to an EAP Work-Life website portal that includes interactive tools and resources on emotional well-being/mental health, family life, financial, legal, stress and personal growth. A webinar is published every month focused on a wide range of popular topics and are archived for future access. Participants will have access to 64 ‘Soft Skills Courses’ available on a variety of work-life topics; each course is self-paced and concludes with a completion certificate.