On Tuesday, May 17th, nine local judicial races will appear on the primary ballot. In an effort to provide voters with tools they can use to educate themselves about the candidates for these races, the Louisville Bar Association and its Judicial Integrity and Independence Committee decided to conduct a judicial candidate poll, as has been done in years past.


The Louisville Bar Association 2022 Primary Judicial Candidate Survey was conducted on behalf of the LBA by the Center for Local Governments at Western Kentucky University. The poll was conducted electronically through Qualtrics from April 6-13, 2022. The Louisville Bar Association emailed the invitation to participate to 3,756 members of the Kentucky Bar Association who self-identified as residing in Jefferson County. Members of the Bar were asked to only evaluate candidates with whom they have had substantial professional contact within the last two years and then rate them in one of these categories: “Highly Qualified,” “Qualified,” or “Unqualified.” Attorneys could also select “Not Enough Information/Do Not Know” if they did not know the candidate or did not have enough information about the candidate to evaluate them. If the respondent did not submit a rating for a judicial candidate, it was recorded as “No Response." All responses were anonymous.


A total of 533 attorneys completed the poll. The results were tabulated as indicated below:


Number = number of respondents

Total % = percentage of total respondents in each category, including “Not Enough Information/Do Not Know” or “No Response”

Valid % = percentage of respondents who rated the judicial candidates as “Highly Qualified”, “Qualified”, and “Unqualified.” These percentages do not include responses from respondents who selected “Not Enough Information/Do Not Know” or “No Response”


Click here for a PDF version of the results.