As any good lawyer knows, clear communication with your client is crucial. Unfortunately, language barriers can add strain to those seeking the quality representation they’re entitled to. That’s why the LBA has recently added Language Line Solutions to our communications services, and we’d like to extend that service to our members as well.

Language Line Solutions offers numerous access services to help your staff and clients with whatever needs they may have. Whether you're looking for written or spoken services, Language Line offers a variety of options available for phone, in-person, written and training purposes.

The available services include but are not limited to:

·        Audio and video interpretation available in 240+ languages including American Sign Language

·        Phone call interpretation with an average connecting time of 14.5 seconds

·        Government translation services with a specific legal focus

·        Website/marketing/multimedia material translation

·        Staff training and proficiency testing

KLRS MEMBERS: For a limited time we are offering to cover the initial consultation for referred clients to members of our Lawyer Referral Service. You will need a client ID# to use this service. Please contact Debby Dye at 502-583-5314 ext. 104 to get more information.

The LBA has recently partnered with Language Line Solutions to make our Lawyer Referral Service accessible to all who may need to it. Ensuring justice to all means ensuring access for all. For more information, visit or contact Kelly Mistry at (831) 238-5433