Your Key to Dealing With Situational Stress

Learn how to deal with situational stress from desk to courtroom to home, focusing on self-awareness and redirection. On four consecutive Tuesdays in April beginning at noon, Paula Kommor, Chief Energizing Officer of Dynamic-Wellness, will provide 1-hour long Koru virtual sessions hosted on the LBA’s Zoom platform.

Using Koru Mindfulness and Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institue techniques, this highly interactive virtual training helps attorneys increase their stress resiliency by using practical stress management techniques. Participants will learn to recognize mental fatigue and gain practical and essential coping strategies, mindfulness practice and motivational tools.

Presented by the LBA’s newly formed Health & Wellness Committee, these Basic Koru sessions will be provided in four, 1-hour sessions held on each Tuesday in April – April 6, April 13, April 20 and April 27. These sessions are higher in demand, limiting each session to just 10 participants. To get the most out of your Koru education, it is strongly recommended to attend multiple or all four sessions in April.    

What is KORU?

  • Evidence-based curriculum designed for teaching mindfulness, meditation, and stress management
  • A spiral shape based on an unfurling fern found in Maori art, where it symbolizes a new life, growth, strength, and peace.

Research–Backed Benefits:

  • Grows compassion, self-awareness, and perspective. 
  • Increases regulation of emotions.
  • Reduces stress, worry and fear (the amygdala shrinks).
  • Improves working memory capacity – memory part of brain grows.
  • Enhances ability to pay attention.
  • Improves executive decision making due to increase in grey matter in meditators (as seen on MRIs).
  • Increases quality of life.
  • Rivals antidepressants in easing symptoms of depression.
  • Prevents drug and alcohol relapse.

KORU Key Factors:

  • Taught in small diverse groups – no more than 12 participants.
  • Requires commitment to attendance.
  • Focused and brief.
  • Develops self-calming skills.

Initial KORU Offering (four 60-minute classes include): 

  • Short opening meditation
  • Check-in
  • Mind-body skill
  • Mindfulness meditation practice

If you have any questions, email Lisa Anspach at