We're now offering Bar Briefs in two formats!

CLICK HERE to view our new flip book style version with interactive hyperlinks. When on the Table of Contents, simply click on the story you want to read. Advertisements and websites are also interactive. If text is smaller than your liking or appears blurry, zoom in for a crisper read.

CLICK HERE to view Bar Briefs in the standard scroll thru PDF version you are used to.

Miss the printed version of Bar Briefs? Printed copies will become available again in April at no additional cost, however you must opt-in on your membership renewal form to receive it – all you do is check the box! Rest assured, every member will continue to receive the electronic version regardless. If you’ve already submitted your form but aren’t sure whether you opted-in to receive the printed version, feel free to email kkasey@loubar.org. (While looking at your member renewal form, note the portion on pictorial roster delivery preferences as well!)