The Louisville Metro Department of Corrections (LMDC), in cooperation with the Public Defender’s office and members of the private Bar, has recently taken steps to ensure, for the first time, that outgoing calls from inmates to their attorneys are not recorded or monitored.

Upon request of any licensed attorney, LMDC will block recording or monitoring of outgoing LMDC inmate calls to any of up to three phone numbers used by that attorney in the regular course of his/her practice. For example, if you want to accept calls that are placed to your office, cell or home numbers from clients (or prospective clients) who are in custody at LMDC, you may ask that each of those numbers be blocked so that attorney-client privilege is protected and no call from an LMDC inmate to any of those numbers is ever recorded or monitored.

In no circumstance will LMDC provide any of your phone numbers to inmates, nor will you be obligated to accept any calls from inmates. It will simply block the recording/monitoring of outgoing inmate calls to the specific phone numbers you have identified in the request form, which in all likelihood are the same numbers you routinely provide to your clients.

In order to take advantage of this procedure, you must complete, sign and deliver to LMDC a request form containing your name, Bar number, and each telephone number you wish to have blocked. For more information and to download the form, CLICK HERE.

-Mark E. Bolton, Director
 Louisville Metro Department of Corrections