Though we're still seeing everyone primarily through Zoom, the silver lining is that this CLE season national talent can be brought right to your computer screen! We've got a loaded calendar with at least one CLE scheduled each day in June and a strong lineup of national speakers providing seminars at a discounted rate for LBA members. Click here to see our calendar of events and scroll down to see the special seminars available this season. 

The Zeppelin CLE: The Essentials of Music Copyright Law
Tuesday, June 1
Speaker: Jim Jesse, Rock “n” Roll Law

This course is meant to give attendees an overview of music copyright law concepts but drilling down when necessary to discuss the sources of revenue songs can generate and other pertinent areas. The seminar covers the basics of music copyright law, including how to establish and register a copyright for your music, and what is a copyright and how to get one. Attendees will also explore the exclusive rights you get when you have a copyright and what those basic rights mean under federal law. Further, attendees will learn the basics of music licensing and the two copyrights in every song. We will explore how the music industry has changed over the years and how that affects the law. At the same time, we listen to music and audio clips to elaborate on the law. All the while, we will follow the career of Led Zeppelin, one of the most seminal rock bands.

Trials of the Centuries: Learning from History
Friday, June 4 | Friday, June 25 | Wednesday, June 30
Speaker: Joel Oster, Comedian of Law

This class will remind the lawyer about the true essence of being an attorney. We go back in time as review the most significant, precedentsetting, cultural-impacting cases over the last several millennia. We look at the trial strategies, the issues involved, the outcomes, and how those cases can make you a better lawyer today. 

What My Facebook Posts Teach About Lawyer Mental Health
Wednesday, June 2
Speaker: Stuart Teicher, Esq., The CLE Performer

Stuart Teicher, Esq., posts some funny stuff while on the road as a full-time CLE teacher. He sees some interesting celebrities and meets some not-so-courteous people. The one thing those Facebook posts all have in common is that they actually teach some important lessons about substance abuse in the practice of law and lawyer mental health. 

Getting Past the Bumpiness™: White Fragility and Skin Color
Thursday, June 3
Speaker: Ellen J. Krug, Human Inspiration Works, LLC

How can lawyers begin these exceedingly difficult but necessary conversations? And in the process, can we accept the idea of providing grace or a reprieve from judgment to all involved? Can we further understand that being human means we will sometimes stumble? Please join Ellie as she talks about challenges that the legal profession faces relative to skin color. You will come away with a better understanding how our profession (and country) got here and how individuals, organizations and the community at large can go forward, together. 

Bias has Been Eliminated… Hypothetically Speaking
Wednesday, June 9
Speaker: Stuart Teicher, Esq., The CLE Performer

The occurrence of stereotypically outlandish bias has decreased in recent years (thankfully). But that doesn’t mean that we’ve eliminated bias from the profession. In fact, it unfortunately continues to exist in more subtle ways. Join the CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher, as he explores implicit bias, uses several hypothetical examples to reveal how bias manifests itself in the practice… and gives a few ideas about what lawyers can do to eliminate it from the profession. 

Killing it in Court: Litigation Tips from a Courtroom Comedian
Wednesday, June 9 | Monday, June 28
Speaker: Joel Oster, Comedian of Law

John Cleese of Monty Python fame said, “He who laughs most learns best.” This applies equally to CLE and to persuading others in court. Learn practical tips that will make you more effective, efficient, and persuasive in court. We will hit the best deposition practices, ethical pitfalls in litigation, cross examining like Vinny Gambini, and how to avoid the dreaded bench slap. 

More Effective Writing Makes More Effective Lawyers: Useful Strategies, Crucial Details, & Lots of Practical Tips
Thursday, June 10
Speaker: Rick Horowitz, Prime Prose, LLC

Knowing the law is essential—but so is being able to communicate about it. Join writing coach and former attorney Rick Horowitz for a lively and practical session that will reintroduce you to your legal-writing toolbox, including a few tools you did not know were in there. This class explores the fundamentals (and the critical details) of creating clear, well-organized, persuasive legal documents. 

Winning Your Case with a Better Memory
Tuesday, June 15
Speaker: Paul Mellor, Success Links

Join nationally recognized memory training consultant Paul Mellor for a session that will improve the way your mind retains facts. Learn techniques to improve your memory and learn how to apply these techniques to your everyday practice. Mellor’s objective is to show you how a trained memory can increase your efficiency and productivity in all aspects of law. He will shred the myth that memory cannot be enhanced and help you lay a foundation for total recall. Invest in a better memory. 


Protesting Puts Lawyers in a Precarious Position
Wednesday, June 16
Speaker: Stuart Teicher, Esq., The CLE Performer

Lawyers can certainly protest and engage in civil disobedience. But there are limits on our behavior that don’t exist for the rest of society. What happens when a protest escalates to violence? How is criminal behavior evaluated under Rule 8.4? Join The CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher, as he evaluates the limits on lawyer’s free speech and the ethical implications of all sorts of criminal behavior. 

A Comedic De-Briefing of the Law
Friday, June 18 | Tuesday, June 29
Speaker: Joel Oster, Comedian of Law

This class is a comprehensive de-briefing of the law. Starting with ethics, we review the crazy predicaments in which some ethically challenged attorneys have found themselves. You will have to decide based on the severity of the facts and the relevant model rule, would you take a deal for that violation. 

Solving High Conflict Mediations
Friday, June 18
Speaker: Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., High Conflict Institute

This 3-hour training will start with the dynamics of five high conflict personality disorders which most frequently impact legal disputes, in and out of court: narcissistic, borderline, antisocial, histrionic, and paranoid. This will include DSM-5 factors and recognizing their conflict behavior patterns. Then, tips for working with them as individual clients will be addressed, including what to do and what NOT to do. This will include EAR Statements for calming them, BIFF Responses for responding to emails, and setting limits. Next, tips for litigating the high conflict case will be addressed, including questions to ask clients, evaluations, taking depositions, presenting patterns of behavior to the court and requesting court orders to restrain high conflict behavior. Then methods for managing mediation with high conflict parties will be presented, including structuring the process, managing outbursts, and getting thoughtful participation in making and analyzing proposals. 

The Tiger King Trial: Murder for Hire, the Prosecution of Joseph Maldonado-Passage
Tuesday, June 22
Speaker: Philip Bogdanoff, Attorney and Instructor

Tiger King was the number one rated show on Netflix drawing over 34 million viewers in its first 10 days. However, the documentary reveals only part of the story. In this interactive presentation attendees will learn the complete story of the trial of Joseph Maldonado-Passage for two counts of murder for hire in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1958 (a) and several wildlife offenses. We will examine the trial testimony and discuss the prosecution attempts to use other acts evidence, their attempt to protect the identity of the undercover FBI agent, and their efforts to prevent the defense from introducing evidence that someone else had committed these offenses. 

Cash, Coin, Cheddar, Dough: Ethical Issues with Money and Billing
Wednesday, June 23
Speaker: Stuart Teicher, Esq., The CLE Performer

Lawyers make all kinds of mistakes when billing and dealing with client funds. Sometimes they are accidental, other times more nefarious. Join The CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher, as he explores these concerns. Rules 1.5, 8.4, and 1.15 will be discussed. 

Cybersecurity & Ethical Pitfalls of Everyday Law Office Computing
Thursday, June 24
Speaker: Paul J. Unger, Affinity Consulting Group

Practicing anywhere at any time is no longer just a dream for lawyers—it’s a reality. However, that reality also comes with responsibility and risks! Under Model Rule 1.6 lawyers must take reasonable precautions to protect client info and data that is in their custody! In this seminar, we will discuss the ethical and malpractice pitfalls of mobile, cloud, and general everyday law office computing. We will learn about Cloud options and address how to safely store documents, data, and programs in the cloud and on mobile devices. Learn what programs and features you should and must use with Cloud storage options like Dropbox, Box & OneDrive. We will also discuss security vulnerabilities related to documents, e-mails and metadata associated with those files. We will also discuss how to properly delete client data, assign passwords, and dispose of computer equipment while protecting client privacy. Finally, we will discuss the essential elements of your firm’s cybersecurity plan. 

How Millennials Will Change Some Key Ethics Concepts
Friday, June 25
Speaker: Stuart Teicher, Esq., The CLE Performer

The most talked about generation in a long time is bringing a changed mindset to the practice, and that is good. And there is a big chance that the changed way of approaching the practice is going to morph some key ethics concepts. In this program, The CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher, will provide a warning to all—the changers and the changes. He will focus on the impact of Rule 1.4 Communication, 5.1 Supervision, and 2.1 Advisor.