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Rental-Lawyers Prerequisites for Ethical Client Care

DVD 3.0 CLE Ethics Hours

Lawyer Prerequisites for Ethical Client Care

Most lawyers take great care of their clients - at least most of their clients, most of the time. Over the course of a career, however, life happens. When life events combine with the long-term stress inherent in the lawyer role, clients can get hurt. Some lawyers burn out, get disciplined, or even abandon their practices. The purpose of this workshop is to address the connections between ethical client care and attending to your own health, interpersonal skills, and business practices. Preventing problems is a lot easier than fixing a career on the rocks.

Topics will include:

A. You can't take care of your clients if you're not taking care of yourself

1. Personal pitfalls of practicing law
2. Costs of lawyer dysfunction
3. Healthy lawyers do better work and stay out of trouble

B. You can't take care of your clients if youre driving each other crazy
1. Stay connected and avoid the #1 bar complaint
2. Set and maintain boundaries
3. Manage difficult personalities and behaviors

C. You can't take care of your clients if your infrastructure isnt working
1. Wear all Three Hats: Technician, Manager, & Marketer
2. Avoid Procrastination
3. Take care of your business so that it will take care of you

Speaker: Rebecca M. Nerison, Ph.D., Washington State Bar Association, Lawyers Assistance Program

The KBA allows attorneys to earn up to 6.0 hours of CLE credit per year by viewing accredited video tapes.

To request delivery or pick-up, or to arrange for additional participants at one viewing, please contact the CLE Department at 583-5314

Cost is $120/LBA Members; $240/non-members

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