Join us and award-winning lawyer and author, “The Leganomist” Brett Renzenbrink, who will share tips on using cutting-edge technology and to build a successful 21st-century law practice. About the Program: Law is hard. Selling it is harder. And competing for business with automated legal services in addition to thousands of other lawyers feels borderline impossible. That is, until now. In this fun and educational update on 21st-century legal tech, Brett will discuss proven and revolutionary methods for ethically amassing, retaining, and managing a satisfied client base that not only will enable you to become bulletproof at your firm, but more importantly, give you permission to do so in a manner that does not require sacrifice of your ethical standards, core beliefs, or personal fulfillment. This program is a must-attend for any lawyer (or law student) looking for a fresh, non-traditional perspective not just on the practice of law – but the business of it.




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