This program will introduce participants to the Kentucky Innocence Project. KIP takes cases of factual innocence in Kentucky by developing evidence to support returning clients to court to litigate their wrongful conviction claims. Cases are often based on newly discovered evidence such as faulty forensic science and/or government misconduct. KIP is housed within the Department of Public Advocacy works on policy issues and maintains externships and law clinics at all three Kentucky law schools. KIP is part of the National Innocence Network and KIP provides exoneree support through its non-profit work. This program will introduce participants to wrongful conviction work and how cases and issues are developed through the KIP program. This seminar will cover: Identify the causes and rates of wrongful convictions. Define what types of cases and claims are litigated by KIP Challenges to forensic reports based on emerging science Obtaining government records through the Kentucky Open Records Act Discuss current policy work and plans for future reform actions Discover what services and support the non-profit arm provides Identify further resources for more information in specific areas. Speaker: Suzanne Hopf, Kentucky Innocence Project, Directing Attorney




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