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Problems With a Lawyer?

Rules of Professional Conduct
The conduct of Kentucky lawyers is governed by the Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the Kentucky Supreme Court in 1989. The rules have been incorporated into Supreme Court Rule 3.130. These rules attempt to provide a framework within which the lawyer and client may understand their corresponding rights, duties, responsibilities and obligations to one another. The rules are contained in the Kentucky Rules of Court which can be located in any law library.

Filing a Complaint
If you believe that a lawyer has engaged in unprofessional or unethical conduct, you may file a complaint with the Kentucky Bar Association. The first step in the complaint process is made by calling (502)564-3795 and asking for the Client Assistance Program. Complaints can also be made by writing, and sent to:

Kentucky Bar Association
514 West Main Street
Frankfort, KY 40601-1883

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