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Benefits of LBA Membership

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Being a member of the Louisville Bar Association gives you access to an influential association of attorneys and staff committed to helping our legal community meet the challenges of practicing law in the 21st century.

There are many benefits of being an LBA member, but the real benefit of being an involved member can be summarized in three basic concepts. First, the LBA is a professional association. The LBA encourages professional development through quality education and publications. Second, active participation in the LBA is good business. Involvement in association activities can help an attorney raise his or her profile in the legal community. Third, involvement in the association makes working in the legal profession more satisfying. Being an attorney is a hard job and can be adversarial. Getting to know members of the association makes it easier to work cases with attorneys and judges you know and respect.

For more informatin about specific member benefits, click on the links at the top of your screen or contact Marisa Motley at 583-5314 or mmotley@loubar.org.

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