Wednesday, June 8, 2022

8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Ky CPA Society
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June 7, 2022 11:00 PM

The LBA Probate & Estate Law Section is delighted to partner with the KY CPA Society for the Annual Estate Planning Conference. 



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8:00AM TO 9:00AM 

Recent Developments Impacting Estate Planning

Turney Berry, Partner, Wyatt Tarrant & Combs LLP

9:05AM TO 11:05AM 

The Ethical Considerations of Dealing with a Client with Diminished Capacity- An Elder Law Perspective

Misty Vantrease, Partner, Kentucky Elderlaw, PLLC

This presentation will delve into the many considerations of representing a client with diminished capacity. This includes ethical issues of confidentiality, identification of the client, dealing with family members, and the asset preservation planning issues that arise.  Irrevocable trusts are commonly used tools in elder law planning and have both interesting public benefits and taxation issues.  These will be discussed along with methods/procedures for asset preservation that require careful consideration from a legal and financial perspective. 

11:15AM TO 12:15PM 

Trust Officer Panel

Anuj Rastogi, Corp Counsel, Chief Fiduciary Officer, The Glenview Trust Company

Trending Topics, "dos and don'ts", issues seen by trust officers in the trenches

12:15PM TO 1:00PM 


1:00PM TO 2:00PM 

Estate Planning Topics: Planning with Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets

Ryan Lee, Investment Advisor, Stock Yards Bank & Wealth Trust Mgmt.

Maria Tipton, Wealth Advisor, Stock Yards Bank & Wealth Trust Mgmt.

The adoption of digital assets, a blanket category into which cryptocurrency falls, continues to grow rapidly. The technology that drives this ecosystem is being adapted and implemented by Fortune 500 companies and Governments around the world. Sixty-eight million users hold over $1.5 Trillion in digital assets, meaning the vast majority of these accounts are held by individuals. Given the growing number of individuals engaged in this market, estate planners and fiduciaries will need to understand how to manage these assets. Moreover, the ever-evolving world of digital assets is laden with complexities and potential issues of which planners and fiduciaries need to be mindful. This presentation will discuss those complexities and best practices to avoid planning pitfalls.

2:05PM TO 3:05PM 

Tax Update for Estates and Trusts

Laurie Baird, Manager, DMLO CPAs

Nicholas Porter, Director, DMLO CPAs

Tax law impacts, planning techniques, strategies on changes

3:15PM TO 4:15PM 

Claire Parsons, Brilliant Legal Mind 

There are loads of books, articles, courses, and seminars intended to help us lawyers and accountants "overcome", "power through" or "conquer" imposter syndrome. When professional life changes as much and as rapidly as it has in the last few years, one wonders whether this is truly possible. This session doesn't promise secret ingredients or magic bullet solutions to workplace stress. It does, however, offer a new perspective on confidence and time-tested and research-based practices that can help you find it and build it for yourself. Lawyer, meditation teacher, and founder of the Brilliant Legal Mind blog, Claire E. Parsons, will explain for you how the stress response affects how we feel about and do our work and how the tools of mindfulness and compassion can help you stay steady in challenging times so you can get the job done and feel better doing it.

4:25PM TO 5:25PM 

Secure Act 2.0: Ways the Proposed Law Could Change Retirement Savings

Phillip Pearson, Associate, McBrayer PLLC

The House-passed bill would automatically enroll some workers in retirement plans, raise the mandatory age for RMDs, and much more.


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