Thursday, June 3, 2021

11:00 AM-1:00 PM

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June 3, 2021 9:00 AM

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Americans are undergoing seismic shifts in how we relate to each other, particularly toward those who are considered “other” because of their skin color. Many understand that we need to have difficult conversations about how white-color people have historically treated people who are not white. Those conversations are challenging because most are fearful of impacting sensitivities-people do not want to feel “uncomfortable,” either for themselves or others. Sometimes, we will do almost anything to avoid experiencing discomfort, something that one commentator has described as “white fragility.”

On the other hand, Ellie Krug’s work has revealed that most Americans are very compassionate and caring toward each other, regardless of skin color. It is just that we don’t know how to exercise compassion or empathy with anyone who’s outside of our comfort bubbles.

Yet, to understand America in the ‘20s, we need to talk about skin color and how the color of one’s skin impacts their opportunities for success on many fronts. This is particularly true for the legal profession, which has lagged behind society in general in tackling this important subject.

How can lawyers begin these exceedingly difficult but necessary conversations? And in the process, can we accept the idea of providing grace or a reprieve from judgment to all involved? Can we further understand that being human means we will sometimes stumble?

Please join Ellie as she talks about challenges that the legal profession faces relative to skin color. You will come away with a better understanding how our profession (and country) got here and how individuals, organizations and the community at large can go forward, together.

Speaker: Ellen "Ellie" J. Krug, Human Inspiration Works, LLC

 A Brief Bio for Ellie Krug: In 2009, when she was a civil trial attorney in   Cedar Rapids with 100+ trials, Ellen (Ellie) Krug transitioned from male to   female; she later became one of the few attorneys nationally to try jury cases   in separate genders. The author of Getting to Ellen: A Memoir about Love,   Honesty and Gender Change (2013), Ellie has trained on diversity and   inclusion to court systems, law firms, Fortune 100 corporations, and   colleges/universities on nearly 1000 occasions. A hopeless idealist, Ellie has   presented her inclusivity training, Gray Area Thinking®, across the country. In   2016, Advocate Magazine named Ellie one of “25 Legal Advocates Fighting for Trans Rights” and in 2019, OutFront Minnesota conferred Ellie its Legacy Award. She is  also a monthly columnist for Lavender Magazine and Minnesota Women’s Press, and a weekly  radio host on AM950 radio. Her monthly e-newsletter, The Ripple, reaches 9000+ readers and  can be found at . Ellie presently lives in Minneapolis and is the founder and president of Human Inspiration Works, LLC ( 

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