Thursday, June 22, 2017

9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Louisville Bar Center
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June 21, 2017 11:00 PM

The New Negotiation Advantage Winning Others Over vs. Winning Over Others

Strongly felt differences that end up in conflict initiate the intuitive path for most of us, whether in business or personal relationships - to win ... even at the expense of others. The road from confrontation to agreement is not the elimination of these differences. That is not even possible. So, how do you “win” the cooperation of others in an environment of such strongly felt differences? It is accomplished by mastering the negotiating principles consistent with and supported by both research and experience.

Ultimately, if people are critical to your success, you must know and master the means to win their hearts as well as their minds. Successfully guiding your client and/or opposing counsel to agreement will only come when you can - clearly - convincingly - persuasively communicate the benefit to them … to win them over not win over them.

INTERESTING is far removed from USEFUL! Therefore, this session is unlike any other program you have attended. It is not a listen and learn program; instead, you will - listen - learn - and do each of the following aspects.

You will learn...
• The 3 Negotiating Axioms that effect the outcome of every negotiation and the real world application of each
• The 3 Predictable forms of Resistance and how to overcome each
• Appropriate responses to each “critical choice point” of the “Cognitive Mind Map” leading to YES!
• Probing for and discovering your clients’ underlying interests and motivations
• “Pre-Framing” Questions to redirect conflict to cooperation
• The 4 Basic Personalities and how to structure your presentation to accommodate each
• A research-based and experience proven strategy for creating and maintaining trust with your clients and/or opposition
• A 5-Step Strategy for handling and overcoming last minute objections
Speaker: Edward D Hatch, The Professional Education Group

Early-bird: Prior to May 25: $390 LBA Members/$360 Sustaining Member/$780 Non-members/$195 Paralegal Members/$195 for qualifying YLS Section Members/$30 printed handouts (electronic is included with registration fee) |

After May 25: $780 LBA Members/$703 Sustaining Member/$860 Non-members/$240 Paralegal Members/$240 for qualifying YLS Section Members/$50 printed handouts (electronic is included with registration fee)

Credits: 6.0 CLE Hours - Pending

{Registration includes: course material, continental breakfast, and a box lunch}

All handout materials are via electronic download. Paper copy may be purchased for an additional cost.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be received by the LBA by June 18, 2017 to receive a credit or refund. Sorry, financial commitments do not allow us to refund for cancellation or “no show” received by the LBA AFTER JUNE 18, 2017; however a substitute may attend for a registered participant.

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