The Fellows Program initiative of the Louisville Bar Foundation is designed to build the Foundation's endowment. The endowment presently has assets of $2.5 million and distributes more than $100,000 annually in grants to local not-for-profit organizations for the delivery of legal services to the poor, improvement of the judiciary, or law-related public education. Since its inception, the LBF has awarded more than $2.1 million in grants to fund law-related programs in our community. 

Fellows Program participants are generous individuals who have made a one-time gift or pledge of $1,000 or more to the Foundation's endowment. LBA members may become LBF Fellows by pledging $250 per year over a four-year period. To make a tax-deductible pledge to the LBF, CLICK HERE or contact Bill Schneider at or call (502) 569-1356.

In addition to the satisfaction of helping strengthen the Foundation, LBF Fellows receive recognation in Bar Briefs and other printed materials, have their names placed on a plaque that has been installed in the Bar Center, and are given a framed certificate of membership. 


Roster of Fellows (August 20, 2014)


Distinguished Fellow ($10,000 +)
Jeffrey E. Wallace

Barrister Fellow ($5,000-$9,999)
Scott W. Brinkman

Patron Fellow ($2,500-$4,999)
Larry B. Franklin
Sheldon G. Gilman
Michael R. Hance
Henry Meigs II
Creighton E. Mershon, Sr.
Joseph D. Satterley
Lee E. Sitlinger

Fellow ($1,000-$2,499)
Leslie D. Aberson
Charles M. Allen *
Stanley V. Benovitz
David B. Blandford
James M. Bolus, Jr.
Hon. David P. Bowles
Donald K. Brown, Jr.
Angela McCorkle Buckler
Kevin C. Burke
Frank W. Burke, Sr.*
April A. Cain
Vanessa B. Cantley
Paul A. Casi II
Charles S. Cassis *
L. Stanley Chauvin, Jr
Dennis M. Clare
Joseph H. Cohen
Eric R. Collis
Gregory A. Compton
Michael E. Conliffe
Robert M. Connolly
Francis T. Conway
Anne Courtney Coorssen
Frederic J. Cowan
Thomas M. Crawford
John R. Cummins
Charles L. Cunningham, Jr.
Alex Dathorne
H. Scott Davis, Jr.
William W. Davis
Ivan M. Diamond
Charles W. Dobbins, Jr.
Frank P. Doheny, Jr.
Laurel S. Doheny
A. Robert Doll *
Martin P. Duffy
Susan H. Duncan
Darryl W. Durham
Robert L. Durning, Jr.
Audra J. Eckerle
Brian C. Edwards
Tawana Edwards
Marshall P. Eldred, Jr.
Hiram Ely III
Linda S. Ewald
Ellen B. Ewing *
Wes Faulkner
Maria A. Fernandez
Mark S. Fenzel
Phyllis E. Florman


D. Scott Furkin
Chadwick N. Gardner
Joseph R. Gathright, Jr.
Grace M. Giesel
James A. Giesel
C. Edward Glasscock
Daniel T. Goyette
Samuel G. Graber
Mark K. Gray
John S. Greenebaum
Murray J. Greenwald
H. Philip Grossman
Frank E. Haddad, Jr. *
Karen L. Hale
John E. Hamlet
Julie L. Hardesty
Martha J. Hasselbacher
Douglas S. Haynes
K. Gregory Haynes
Timothy J. Hazlett
Joseph B. Helm
Ronald P. Hillerich
Henry B. Huff
Bradley R. Hume
Eric L. Ison
Janet P. Jakubowicz
Elizabeth McConahy Jenkins
A. Thomas Johnson
Vincent E. Johnson
Martin E. Johnstone
Lee S. Jones *
Edmund P. Karem
Margaret E. Keane
Karen L. Keith
David J. Kellerman
W. Gregory King
Robert A. Kohn
Angela D. Koshewa
Eric M. Lamb
Byron E. Leet
Colin H. Lindsay
Michael A. Luvisi
Peggy B. Lyndrup
Amanda G. Main
William R. Mapother*
John R. Martin, Jr.
Annette Ohlmann Mattingly
Frank Mascagni III
Durward W. Maynard *
Terrence L. McCoy
Dennis R. McGlincy
Beth H. McMasters
Dustin E. Meek
Elizabeth Ullmer Mendel
Creighton E. Mershon, Sr.
Steve Mershon
Kurt X. Metzmeier
Douglas H. Morris II
B. Mark Mulloy
Gerald A. Neal
Dorothy E. O’Brien
Christopher P. O’Bryan
Ann B. Oldfather
William K. Oldham
Deena G. Ombres


Karen M. Paulin
Donna King Perry
Eugene B. Pflughaupt
John W. Phillips
Susan D. Phillips
Hans G. Poppe
Delores Pregliasco
Frank X. Quickert, Jr. *
John S. Reed
Rebecca C. Reed
Charles E. Ricketts, Jr.
Jonathan S. Ricketts
Michael D. Risley
Cheryl A. Robinson
Mark A. Robinson
Laura Rothstein
William P. Ryan, Jr.
Glenn L. Schilling
William G. Schneider, Jr.
George S. Schuhmann
Rebecca Schupbach
Erwin A. Sherman
Dan E. Siebert
Craig P. Siegenthaler
Charles R. Simpson, III
W. Kennedy Simpson
Alan T. Slyn*
John L. Smith
Leo G. Smith
S. Russell Smith, Jr.
Stephanie Smith
Jason P. Snyder
Mark F. Sommer
Catherine Spalding
Scott D. Spiegel
Ralston W. Steenrod
Olu A. Stevens
John F. Stewart
John H. Stites III
William W. Stodghill*
Alec G. Stone
Robert E. Stopher
R. James Straus
Melanie Straw-Boone
Jefferson K. Streepey
Richard M. Sullivan
Walter J. Swyers, Jr.
John L. Tate
B. Todd Thompson
Tyler S. Thompson
Stephen J. Tillman
Paul G. Tobin *
Steven E. Trager
Wm. Clifton Travis
David L. Vish
Donald H. Vish
William T. Warner
Porter Watkins
Alvin D. Wax
Gary M. Weiss
Helene Gordon Williams
Thomas M. Williams
Cynthia W. Young
Russell B. Zaino

ITALICS denotes Sustaining member