Court Tips



The Small Claims Division of District Court in every Kentucky county settles disputes involving money or personal property valued at $1,500 or less, exclusive of interests and costs. The procedures in small claims court are informal. You may file a claim or defend yourself without an attorney if you wish. In the Small Claims Division, the parties to the dispute go to court at a pre-assigned time and tell their side of the story to the judge. The judge makes a decision based upon the law governing the facts presented. There is no jury trial in the Small Claims Division of District Court.

I want to file a small claims case. How do I do that?

Employees of the Louisville Bar Association are statutorily prohibited from providing legal advice to the general public. However, an informational pamphlet about small claims court is available. This pamphlet explains the procedure for filing a complaint and walks you through the process used in the Small Claims Division. You may request the pamphlet from any Circuit Court Clerk's Office or download the pamphlet here. Additionally, the Administrative Office of the Courts makes available a variety of forms to help you pursue a small claims case. You may request these forms from any Circuit Court Clerk's Office.

We strongly encourage you to talk with an attorney if you are not sure what to do in your case.