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Important Parking Information for KBA 2013 Annual Convention

The KBA received significant feedback last year regarding parking during the annual convention. The following is an instructional sheet to help ensure you get the benefit of the KBA's discounted parking at this year’s convention.


The Galt House has three parking facilities available for you: The Rivue (West), Suites (East) and Office Tower (entrance located on Third Street next to the Yum! Center) parking structures. There are seven (7) entrances you can use to enter these parking facilities. If parking in the Office Tower parking structure, the entrance to the Galt House is located on the Fourth (4th) Floor. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PARKING ENTRANCE FROM FOURTH STREET NEXT TO JEFF RUBY’S STEAKHOUSE CANNOT GIVE YOU THE DISCOUNTED PARKING. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER OR EXIT THE PARKING GARAGE FROM THIS ENTRANCE. THERE WILL BE SIGNS AT THIS ENTRANCE INSTRUCTING YOU TO USE ANOTHER ENTRANCE.

When you enter the garage, you will be given an original parking voucher. Attendants are available when leaving the garage if you park in the Rivue parking structure. Automated gates are available when leaving the garage if you park in the Suites parking structure. The Office Tower parking structure has both attendant-staffed and automated gates, with signs directing you to the gates staffed by attendants.

If you plan to park in the Office Tower parking structure, please be advised that this lot is shared with numerous other downtown offices and businesses and may be full. The Galt House recommends that those attendees wishing to park in this garage arrive between 8 A.M. and 9 A.M.

Complimentary parking for overnight guests is as easy as remembering your room keycard! When you check-in to the hotel, inform the Galt House staff that you are there to attend the KBA Annual Convention and will be parking in one of their garages. Your room keycard will be programmed to give you access to enter and exit the available parking structures. When you checkout, keep your room keycard so you can exit the garage free of charge.

KBA Annual Convention attendees not staying overnight at the Galt House receive a discounted parking rate of $7 per day ($16 regular daily rate). When you arrive each day of the Convention, visit the KBA Registration Desk to receive your discount parking voucher. If you leave the garage through a gate with an attendant on-staff, simply present the attendant with both your original and discount parking vouchers. If you leave the garage through one of the automated gates, insert the original voucher first, then your discount voucher. This will ensure you receive your KBA parking discount. YOU MUST RETURN TO THE KBA REGISTRATION DESK EACH DAY YOU ATTEND THE CONVENTION TO RECEIVE A NEW DISCOUNT PARKING VOUCHER.

If you have any questions while at the convention, please email kbapresident@kybar.org. A KBA staff member or Planning Committee members will respond to you ASAP.

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