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(*Discontinued)An Extraordinary Seminar for the Extraordinary Event

"Legal standards for handling extra-ordinary events. What are the legal standards when attempting to prevent the tragic event? And if the event is remote foreseeable, can a business realistically deter the event from occurring? "Dealing with the common event and any liability involved. How to prepare for handling the more ordinary event? For example, a citizens rights group is picketing your business and the CEO asks you what to do. "Workplace security and the legal standards counsel should consider in light of the events of September 11. "Retaining an outside auditor; can an outside auditor help evaluate risk? "How do corporations attempt to avoid risk? Additionally, when corporations look at themselves, how can they protect their own internal investigations?

To request delivery or pick up, or to arrange for additional participants at one viewing, please contact the CLE Department at 583-5314

Cost is $105/ members: $210/Non-members

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