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Policy for Sale of Members’ Mailing Addresses

A quick reminder on terms and conditions associated with purchasing LBA member mailing addresses.

Mailing addresses of LBA members may be purchased subject to the limitations and guidelines set forth herein. E-mail addresses of LBA members are not available for purchase.

Other than by approved member benefit providers, addresses may not be purchased for use in marketing products or services.

Addresses may not be purchased for use in advertising continuing legal education or other programs that compete with LBA programming.

Addresses may not be purchased for use in soliciting contributions to charitable organizations or causes, or for advocacy of legislative proposals or social issues on which the LBA has not taken an official position through its Board of Directors.

Addresses may be purchased for use in promoting candidates for public office, including judicial office; however, the sale of addresses shall not constitute an endorsement by the LBA of any candidate.

Right to Approve Mailings
Those seeking to purchase addresses must state the purpose for which they are to be used. The LBA reserves the right to review and approve in advance all materials to be included in any proposed mailing. The LBA may decline to sell addresses if, in the discretion of the Executive Director, a proposed mailing does not fall within the guidelines set forth herein.

Addresses may be purchased either as adhesive mailing labels or an electronic file. In either format, the addresses will be configured as follows:

Name Firm or Company Full Mailing Address

One Time Use
Regardless of the format, addresses may be used for only one mailing and for the particular purpose stated prior to purchase. They must be repurchased for all subsequent mailings. The resale of addresses to third parties is strictly prohibited.

Addresses may be purchased for the full LBA membership or just for members in specific categories or sections only. Costs for purchasing addresses are as follows:

  • LBA members: $320 + sales tax* for full LBA membership list via electronic format or mailing labels ($339.20)
  • Non-members:
    • $480 + sales tax* for full LBA membership list in mailing label format ($528.80)
    • $576 + sales tax* for full LBA membership in electronic file format ($610.56)
  • 15 cents per name + sales tax* for partial LBA membership list (e.g., specific sections only)
*Sales tax is not charged if purchaser provides Purchase Exemption Certificate or if order comes from outside Kentucky and addresses are sent to an out-of-state address.

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