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Rental-*New* Lawyers Leaving Law Firms: Rights & Duties

DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

Lawyers Leaving Law Firms: Rights and Duties of Lawyers and Law Firms

This seminar will discuss a number of issues which arise when an attorney leaves a law firm, including duties to clients, handling of client files, compensation issues for cases when the lawyer was still at the law firm and for cases lawyers take with them. The seminar will also address issues of fiduciary duties between the lawyer and the law firm, confidentiality, conflicts of interests, the use of employment agreements while the lawyer is at the law firm, agreements following the lawyer leaving, and permissible and impermissible limitations which the law firm may place on a departing lawyer. Other topics which will be addressed include methods of resolving disputes between the lawyer and the law firm, either through mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Speaker: Peter L. Ostermiller, Attorney at Law

This CLE program is sponsored by W.B. Griffin & Sons Insurance Administrators A Pearl Company

The KBA allows attorneys to earn up to 6.0 hours of CLE credit per year by viewing accredited video tapes.

To request delivery or pick-up, or to arrange for additional participants at one viewing, please contact the CLE Department at 583-5314

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