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Rental- Money, Politics, and Impartial Justice

DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

3rd Annual Lively M. Wilson Memorial Lecture Series: Money, Politics, and Impartial Justice: Elections and the Challenge to an Independent Judiciary

The current struggle over how best to select the members of the state and federal judiciaries began in the debates leading to the adoption of the United States Constitution in 1787, continued as more states joined the union in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and is still going strong. The main elements of the controversy have not varied, and the question remains: is it more important that judges be independent or that they be accountable? Join us as our panelists discuss the benefits and drawbacks of various methods for selecting judges, including some of the following questions: Does the merit selection ensure that only the most qualified candidates become judges? Do retention elections effectively provide a mechanism whereby those judges who are failing to live up to their responsibilities to the citizens are removed from the bench? Are judges who depend on re-election to keep their jobs friendlier and more productive? Is the merit selection process preferred by civil defense lawyers and liberal special interest groups? Does the partisan election process not only demean judges and cast doubt over their impartiality, but does it also become captive to the interests of plaintiffs’ lawyers in the trial bar? Is diversity on the bench promoted by elections or by a well-designed merit selection system?

Speakers: Hon. Sara Walter Combs, Kentucky Court of Appeals, Hon. Denise G. Clayton, Kentucky Court of Appeals, Robert I. “Ric” Cusick, Jr., Esq., David A. Lambertus, Esq., Prof. Luke M. Milligan, University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, and Hon. Anthony M. Wilhoit

Co-moderators: Jon L. Fleischaker, Esq. and Hon. Thomas B. Wine

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