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Continuing Legal Education

Continuing Legal Education
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The LBA mission is to promote professional excellence. The LBA accomplishes this mission by creating and promoting high quality continuing legal education. This excellent, timely education has established the LBA's position as the leading provider of quality continuing legal education in Kentucky. This includes programs, publications, audio and video productions, and other products and activities in a variety of formats for use by the legal profession throughout Kentucky.

The LBA works to maintain and improve the competence and professionalism of the entire bar through its continuing legal education program. The program focuses on seminars that respond to the profession's trends and changing demographics and professional environment. The Louisville Bar Association makes optimum use of its resources in dedication to this purpose.

CLE Programs and Videos

Click the logo to the left to visit the CLE calendar and online registration. If you are a member and not logged in, be sure to follow the link on the registration form to log in and receive your member discount.

The Kentucky Bar Association allows attorneys to earn up to six credits per year through accredited audio and video tapes. See the available titles below. For information about deliver and pickup, call (502) 583-5314.

Video and Audio Titles

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Rental-*New* So You Want To Be a Judge?
DVD 2.5 CLE Hours

Rental-*New* Views from the Bench
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

Rental-*New* Lawyers Leaving Law Firms: Rights & Duties
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

Rental-*New* 2013 Developments in Professional Responsibility
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

Rental-*New* 4th Annual Lively Wilson Memorial Lecture Series
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

Rental-*New* Technology Trends for Case & Practice
DVD 2.0 CLE Hours (including 1.0 ethics)

Rental- 2012 Recent Developments in Professional Responsibility
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

Rental- Good Cause, Bad Cause, or No Cause
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

Rental- Money, Politics, and Impartial Justice
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

Rental-Drafting Attorney Fee Contracts
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

Rental-Lawyers Prerequisites for Ethical Client Care
DVD 3.0 CLE Ethics Hours

(*Discontinued)Study in Professionalism & Civility
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

(*Discontinued)Rental-To Sue or Not to Sue: Helpful Hints in Collecting
DVD 2.0 CLE Hours(including 1.0 ethics)

(*Discontinued) Ethics of Law Firms & Office Sharing
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

(*Discontinued)Representing Litigants at Domestic Violence Hearings
DVD 2.0 CLE Hours

(*Discontinued)Systematic Statutory Interpretation
DVD 2.0 CLE Hours

(*Discontinued)Professionalism & Civility in Everyday Practice of Law
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

(*Discontinued)2011 Recent Developments in Professional Responsibility
DVD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

(*Discontinued)2011 Obstreperosity-Is it Accurately Described
DVD 3.0 CLE Ethics Hours

(*Discontinued)Advanced Cross Examination
DVD 2.0 CLE Hours

(*Discontinued)Recent Developments in Legal Ethics
Audio CD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

(*Discontinued)Cultural Awareness as a Means to Resolution
DVD 2.0 CLE Hours

(*Discomntinued)Legal Malpractice Avoidance
Audio CD 2.0 CLE Ethics Hours

(*Discontinued)Winning Ugly: Preparing & Trying Your First Case

(*Discontinued)The Bottom Line: Fees, Billing and Collections

(*Discontinued)An Extraordinary Seminar for the Extraordinary Event

Rental Policies

Advanced registration is required to guarantee that the requested video is currently in stock. Registration to rent a videotape may be made by phone, mail or fax.

Delivery: To request delivery or pick up, or to arrange for additional participants at one viewing, please contact djacobs@loubar.org or call (502) 583-5314.

Restrictions on Viewing: The rental fee entitles only one (1) person to view the tape. An extra fee shall be due to the LBA for each additional person (See specific pricing under "Payment Policy" below). The LBA must be made aware in advance of additional persons viewing the tape.

Payment Policy: The base price of videos will rent for a member rate of $40 per credit hour and the non-member rate of $80 per credit hour. Each additional viewer that is an LBA member will be charged $30 per credit hour and non-members $60 per credit hour.

A shipping charge of $5 is added to each tape that is mailed.

Members are encouraged to submit payment for CLE videos in advance if possible. Advanced payment is required for non-members of the LBA.

Rental Agreement:
The rental period for a video is generally one week. A moderate extension of time will be granted for those tapes being mailed outside of the Louisville area. A specific due date will accompany the paperwork you will receive along with the videotape. A $2 per day late fee will be charged for videotapes returned after the due date. After 30 days, the videotape will be considered lost and a $100 fee will be charged.
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